I Have So Much Fun in Chinese Handcraft Class有趣的中文手工课

“Chinese is the most difficult language in the whole world.”This is the most popular saying about Chinese language .But we can still learn Chinese in different ways.Handcraft is an instereting try and we enjoy it!


We learn Chinese by making the handcrafts and listening to the traditional Chinese stories.We learn language as well as cultures. What a lovely experience! 我们通过制作手工和听中国传统故事学习中文。我们学习语言也学习文化。多么有趣的经历呀!


This Is How I Begin My New School Year!我的新学期

Here is my brief education and teaching experiences:

Lin Bingjie, 28, graduated from Tianjin Normal University. Major: English

Used to teach Chinese in KPIS International School,Bangkok,Thailand for one year;Used to teach K-5 English as the second language in Tianjin TianTong Training school for four year;Used to teach college student English in Shaanxi.

吝冰洁,28,毕业于天津师范大学英语系 曾经任教于泰国kpis 国际学校,工作:教汉语。在天津一所培训学校教了四年英语,学生年龄幼儿园到五年级。在陕西教大朋友学英语。


My first four weeks of the new school year just passed by. Maybe ,these two-month was just the most common period for somebody else, but for me ,these two-month means a lot. This is my second year being at Madison Elementary. And also my first year being a classroom teacher here.As a teacher who have being teaching for 7 seven years ,I still want to say ,being a classroom teacher in Unite State of America is  still  a great challenge and a great opportunity for me in the view of my teaching life even my whole life.  I love this life opportunity and I am so lucky to be the very first teacher of my kindergarteners.They are my angels and I’m with them.They learn how to walk nicely in the line with me ,they learn how to hold scissors with me ,  they learn how to zip ,how to button,how to distinguish the recycle garbage and non-recycle garbage bin from me,they learn how to use pencil from me ,they learn how to write “one” in Chinese from me ,   they learn how to share  ,they  learn how to deal with their little conflict with their friends  ,they learn how to be kind,be responsible,be safe. They learn the tiniest thing and most important thing from me .I feel so proud of myself.


After 23 days , the 14 little ones and I are becoming good friends and families. We love each others and care about each others. We are happy and we are sad sometime when we can’t get thing done well. We learn. We gain. We train our brain just like train our muscle.I am making progress with them. At the very beginning of the school year, one pf my little girl cried and shouted ,was reluctant to come into our classroom.Now,she is getting super excited to come and never being late, she said she love school,she miss her friend and her teacher ,she is having fun learning Chinese. Mom emailed me and said Kindergarten is amazing. I take it as a great compliment.One of my little boy who was struggled with coming along with his classmates.He didn’t know how to deal with problems with words instead he is using the wrong way,which brought him and his friends into trouble.He was a little afraid of being at school. He is everybody’s friend now and he helped and encourage his friends by using good words。 My little ones ,they came and said “nihao”,now they can ask for help in Chinese, ask permission in Chinese,they count in Chinese,they even create their own Chinese sentences everyday!!!


What a wonderful world!!!What a miracle!!! Only 23 days,every thing changed so well.Now I know why I am here. I totally have confidence in my little ones and  myself. We are miracle. Because we did many amazing job in the past and we are ready for the even brighter future !!!

多么美好的世界!奇迹随时都会发生!虽然只是短短的23天,但是有些事情进步飞速。现在的我更加明白我来这里的意义。我 对自己和我的学生都非常非常有信心。我们就是奇迹发生的源泉。我们已经完成了很多看起来很难的任务,我们也准备好迎接更难更美好的明天!!