Before Christmas 圣诞节来临之前 

Since Madison is a public School,we respect all the cultures.We don’t have a school wide activity to celebrate Christmas. Christmas surely is the most popular andthe kids like it much more than any other festival. So we did a lot Chritmas things in our class before Christmas. 


We start from the morning work , we are drawing Christmas pictures instead of writing Chinese Characters or writing numbers. Such as the reindeer,the ginger bread house and also Santa. For the Chinese language,we watched the Video about Christmas in Chinese in that way we learned some Christmas words. Like “Christmas tree圣诞树”“Christmas Day圣诞节”“Christmas Eve平安夜”“Santa Clous 圣诞老人”“麋鹿Reindeer “. As for the songs we learned the Jingle Bells铃儿响叮当” .  We even made a handcraft of reindeer. We paste the body parts of the paper reindeer together and we get an decaration for the Christmas tree. I got the messages from parents said that the kids are super happy about it and put it on to the Christmas tree right after they go home. And taught the parents how to say Merry Christmas in Chinese !

我们就从早晨作业开始吧,我们没有写汉字或者做数学题,而是给一些圣诞图片涂色,像圣诞老人的图片,麋鹿的图片,姜饼人的图片,还有姜饼屋的图片。我们一边涂,一边学这些生词。我们还看了 这些圣诞的视频也复习了这些词语。歌曲呢,我们学习了铃儿响叮当。我们还做了麋鹿的手工,我们把纸的麋鹿身体部位拼接,然后就得到了一个圣诞树装饰。很多家长给我发信息说 孩子们非常喜欢他们做的圣诞树装饰,一回到家就把它挂在了自己家的圣诞树上。而且还很开心的教爸妈说用中文说圣诞快乐。
Any festival will be the best chance to learn the Culture. Merry Christmas !! We are so looking forward to the next week activities!!


Fun Enrichment Activity —21 Elephants Still on the Bridge 有趣的文化充实活动 21只大象走过大桥


We had a wonderful day for enrichment activities. We did a very interesting experiment building a bridge. The activity get inspired by  the news “21 Elephants Walked Across the Newly-Opened Brooklyn Bridge to Prove Its Safety”

有课堂充实活动真是好玩的一天。我们做了一个有趣的实验自己造一座桥。这个活动的灵感来源于一条新闻 :21只大象横跨过新运行的布鲁克林大桥以此证明它的安全性。

To introduce the reason why do we choose the activity as a enrichment subject, we read a story book named  He’d walk his troupe of elephants across it.  


21 elephants .jpg



After the story , the students knew about the history of the open of the Brooklyn Bridge and they showed the great interests to this activity.Some of them even can’t wait to do build their own bridges and do the test. But what materials do we use? How can we build a bridge? And How do we test?


The materials we had are,popsicle sticks , the small size paper cups, and the plastic animal toys.

The purpose is building a bridge with given materials  which can  undertake at least 21 animals .

The rules are , you have to do team work;you have to use  the paper cups  and the sticks in your own way, the bridge can not be knocked down.

我们的材料是:冰棒的棍子,小号的纸杯,还有一些塑料的小动物玩具。我们的目标是:用所给材料造一座自己的桥。你的桥必须可以承担至少21只小动物。我们的规则是 1,你必须是团队活动,2,你必须用所给材料,3,你的桥不能倒塌

Before we start, we reviewed some farm animals names we knew and learned more jungle animals in Chinese. In the process of making the bridges, we practiced the animal names as well. We do have fun and we do learn.


Giving the rules and materials, the students get started very soon. At the very beginning Two team didn’t work together very well so that they can’t even build a complete bridge by themselves. After some discussion and reflection, they realized that they need to discuss first and get a plan ahead and then get stick to that plan.


After dozen minutes, all of them did a great job and complete the mission. Everybody was so happy about the games and feel proud of themselves.



We learned how to work with your team members and we  achieve a goal by working hard and we won the happiness of being successful and we encourage each other and show our congrats when people are successful .


The enrichment day is very meaningful and fun.We even practice how to encourage each other in Chinese and we counted the animals in Chinese as well. We love the enrichment day.



The Best Thanks-giving Ever! 最好的感恩节! 

“Thanks” was one of the first several words we learned at the beginning of the school year. And we use it every day . How do we understand it and how do we show cares about other people are something we need to learn.Thanks-giving was the most important and suitable time for us to remember it in heart. 

“谢谢”这个词是我们开学前几天就已经学过的词. 我们每天也都在用。但是我们怎么样理解它,怎么样用它来表达我们对别人的关心和爱。还是需要我们学习的。感恩节给我们提供了一个很重要而且很合适的时机来用心记住体会它的意义。

This Friday we watched the Video of history and origin of thanksgiving.We learned somewords related.Like ” candycorn””fishing””hunting” “turkey” “May Flower ” and of course “thank you” in Chinese. After the video,we did some exercises about it .We did match the pictures and the words.We did guess the words according to the actions.After these fun activities,Kindergarteners getting so happy and proud of acquiring these cool knowledge in Chinese.我们观看了 关于感恩节的由来的影片。我们通过影片和很多活动学习了很多感恩节相关词语。像“玉米糖”,“钓鱼”“打猎”“火鸡”“五月花号” 当然我们再次复习了 “谢谢” 的另一种说法“感恩”。看完影片我们做了很多练习。我们做了图片连线,我们做了看动作猜一猜。幼儿园小朋友很开心我们可以学到这么多 “很酷”的词。

The most important and moving part is the sharing time.The contents were“Please say thank you to who you want to thank and you can even tell them why .Give them a hug if you can and share your feeling after you did it.”

最重要和最令人感动的活动要属我们的分享时间。分享时间的内容为:“ 对你想感恩的人说出感谢的话,你也可以告诉他们为什么,你还可以去拥抱一下你想感谢的人,然后分享你做了这些事情以后的感受。”

We thanked our friends and shared that they wanna thank their moms or dads because they are loving them. And we also thanked our friends for helping us out.What impressed me most is my little ones gave me a lot hugs , a lot of thanks to me and some of them are using their own words to say ” I love my Linlaoshi.” Which come from the sentence we learned from text ” I love my mom.”  孩子们有感谢爸爸妈妈因为他们爱它。有感谢朋友朋友帮助我们。让我最最感动和惊喜的是我也得到了很多拥抱和感谢。还有人替换课文中的一句话“我爱我的妈妈”对我说“我爱我的吝老师。

What makes me happy ,on one hand,is they love me and show love to me,which make me warm , on the other hand,my kindergarteners are using the language they learned instead of repeating it. This is huge huge step for us.We are ready to making the Chinese language become the tool of communicate in the real life. Way to go .my little ones , Your teacher is proud of you. 

让我开心的其实有两点,第一点是孩子们爱我也向我表达了爱,这让我很暖心,还有一方面我们幼儿园小朋友已经在使用我们学习的语言了 而不是还停留在重复的层面上。这是很大的进步。说明我们已经准备好把中文当作真正的语言在现实生活来交流。真的很棒。亲爱的小朋友们,好样的,你的老师以你们为骄傲!