How Much Do You Learn in the 45 School Days ?

Ask me how wonderful I am the form week.We had another great week! 又是一个美好的一周。

For Chinese we learned the text about fruit and the food we buy from the market. Food is always the best part and easiest part for us to learn.Because the kids are so excited to see the delicious food.They are so happy that they can ask the teacher for snacks in Chinese. As for the Chinese song ,we are all singing the fruit songs and the color songs .And some of them begin to make their own sentence with numbers colors and fruit.I love that!! Now teacher need to prepare something more to meet your need to speak the whole class.Let’s challenge the king of Chinese!! Who said the most Chinese sentences will be the winner and get the surprise from me!! Is this exciting? The answer will be yes!! And we will keep it!!

 中文课 我们学习了 水果和食物。学习吃的东西是最简单也是最开心的课程了。因为学生很兴奋。他们很开心自己可以跑过来找老师用中文要吃的点心了。我们也学习了关于水果的歌曲。很多同学已经可以用数字颜色 和水果一起造自己的句子了。这让我很开心。我觉得是时候要给他们更大的挑战了。我们下周要开始中文王比赛。说最多汉语的人可以得到最大的惊喜。这是不是很让人兴奋?当然!让我们一起坚持下去!加油!



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