Let me introduce my family 让我来介绍我的家人

For Chinese,We learn the text and also the characters. For text ,we learned the names of  family members and the pets. We can say “mom,dad,sister(elder),sister(younger),brother(elder),brother(younger),grandma, grandpa.And we also learned the names of some pets. The birds,cats ,dogs , fish, chicks .This is my ….I love my …. 

中文课,我们学了课文和汉字书写。课文我们学了家庭成员的表达方法,我们还学了怎么说宠物的名字。我们现在已经可以说爸爸妈妈姐姐妹妹哥哥弟弟和爷爷奶奶。我们还会说 小鸟小猫小狗小鱼和小鸡。这是我的谁谁谁,我爱谁谁。

We do morning meeting circle time by sharing our family members and we do show and tell in Chinese by introducing my own family members. 


We do big group and small group learning . In the big groups,we watch the video learning the words and how does other introduce their families. We repeat after teacher and correct the wrong pronunciations. In the small groups,we practice the Chinese characters ,listen to the Chinese stories through iPod,do workbook of BetterChinese to enhance what we learned from the big group and we finishing the family book.We use what we learn,that’s why we learn and how we practice.

我们会分为大组学习和小组学习。大组学习中我们可以看到视频学习,看到别人是如何介绍自己的家人。我们也会跟着老师重复学到的随时纠正发音错误。在小组活动中,我们写汉字,用iPod 听听力,我们会做课本对应练习册以此来巩固我们大组所学内容,我们还会做一本自己家人的家人书。我们应用我们学到的内容,这就是为什么我们要学习语言的原因,这也是我们平时练习的方式。

We learn what we eat for snacks and we learn what we should say when we want to ask for permission. We learn Chinese all the way. We learn Chinese by asking teachers and by ourselves as well. This is not only open to learning Chinese now,but also fit for learning any languages.Immerson is a great and quick way to learn a language. 




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