You Know What?We Can Count and Write Numbers in Chinese!知道吗?我们可以用中文数数也可以写中文数字了!

This is the six weeks of our school days.Now we can count to 20 and write to “十”in Chinese. Learning Chinese in all ways is pretty cool!! We learned the numbers from counting games,Chinese peom “一去二三里”and Chinese songs”我的朋友在哪里”Which contains the numbers in lyrics. 本周是开学第六周了,我们可以中文数到二十,我们可以写中文数字“一”到“十”.有这么多方法学中文真的很酷!我们从中文古诗《一去二三里》里学习数字,我们从歌词里有数字的歌曲《我的朋友在哪里》学习数字。

    The key to learn language is “Repeat!Repeat!Repeat!”So we learn it in Chinese songs and poems ,we learn it in directions and circle times,we learn it in line orders.After so many times of repetitions we learned the numbers quickly.We also have the homework teaching numbers to our parents at home. The fact is it works very well. This number week is the best!! Our students are the best!! Some of them can even count to 100 ,200,300,400,500 and 600! We learn the way we learn!That’s why we can learn so fast and effectively.We enjoy it! We have long way to go!




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